Commercial Real Estate Agent Marketing – Tips To Test And Measure Your Marketing Efforts

In these tough economic times we need to start thinking differently. With an uneasy economy, low consumer confidence and high unemployment numbers it is important, now more than ever to change our antiquated way of thinking.

Myth #1: I have to know a lot about real estate in order to sell my house on my own. I should be licensed as a real estate agent or at least take some classes.

The thud started around November of 2006. It started incrementally with a slower than expected August, a quiet November and the news articles started to reflect which was inevitably going to commence. In January of 2007 the Real Estate Taxes were due and crash it went. What seems to be happening now is a rush to unload. From the outside looking in you can see the stock market rise as the housing market falls. New home builders with still a glimmer of hope increase the price of new homes yet offering larger than expected home incentives. Upgrades galore, creative financing, buyers agents bonuses and yet they continue to build on the land they have allocated for future expansion. If it seems familiar, it is. It has an uncanny sense of 1983 all over again.

If these three things are accomplished by your FSBO site, then you have all of the benefits of Flat Fee MLS, because your home is being marketed directly to buyers, your home is getting in front of real estate activities in a manner which makes them comfortable about being compensated, and with your properties details. This level of exposure will lead to more showings, and more showings typically means a faster sale. Generally, if you can find a FSBO site that provides these capabilities, the cost will run under $200, and your home will be listed until it is sold.

Take a renter’s word with a grain of salt – Possibly a bucket of salt. Some renters do not want to move. A great way to get rid of a potential buyer is to verbally bash the seller and/or the home. Most people don’t want trouble with a purchase. An ornery renter will make the appearance to trouble to scare you away.

For many people, this was some “good idea” until Albert Einstein came along, whose theories gave birth to what is now known as quantum physics. As I understand it, Einstein said that the basic “stuff” of the universe is pure energy. But it’s not any ordinary energy; rather, it’s energy that has an intelligence to it. And, human thought activates it. This has given credibility to all the power of positive thinking theories.

The last question you should ask is one of the most important: What is your competition doing on the Web? Do a Google search for similar businesses and click around their Web sites. How are their Web sites designed? What message are they trying to convey? Are they doing a good job of conveying that message and as a result, selling products? What do you like about their Web sites? What don’t you like? Make note of the things you like and the things you hate, then share your findings with your site designer.

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